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Chinese Flashcard Studio

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Tags: learn chinese, chinese symbols, chinese characters, pinyin, chinese flashcards, mandarin text speech, chinese text reader

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In this brief overview of Chinese Flashcard Studio, we will go over the basic functionality of the program, as well as explore the different features that are available in the standard and professional editions. Chinese Flashcard Studio was developed by native English speakers learning Mandarin. It provides a graphical interface for users to manage and study Chinese vocabulary. The free edition comes packaged with 1000 common vocabulary words that are sufficient to pass the beginner-level HSK Chinese proficiency exam. Once loaded, the user can look through the series of words, flip them over to get the English meaning, as well as view the Pinyin pronunciation. At the same time, the user can toggle between simplified and traditional characters. The standard and professional editions come with more than 7500 additional vocabulary words consisting of the intermediate and advanced level HSK vocabulary set. Users also have the ability to add their own flashcards. Adding a new flashcard can be accomplished in three easy steps: simply type in the vocabulary word, meaning, and pinyin pronunciation. Our developers have created an easy way to insert tonal diacritics over pinyin. By typing the tone number after each syllable, the application will apply the corresponding tonal diacritic over the correct vowel. With Chinese Flashcard Studio, managing your vocabulary has never been easier. The Chinese Text Reader, which is a feature exclusive to the professional edition, provides a way to read Chinese websites in real time. By hovering the mouse over some Chinese text, a yellow box appears with the meanings and pinyin pronunciation. Users also have the option of capturing words from the Chinese Text Reader into a new flashcard set. Once the yellow box appears, the user simply presses the “capture” button, and the words will be added to a data grid below. From there the user can add them to their flashcard set.

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