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Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese

Price: USD $29.95
File Size: 5695 Kb
Tags: adventure, action, zombie, hammer, brain, spispopd, hamumu, spooky, shareware, free, game, demo

dr. lunatic supreme with cheese screenshot

You'll never find a bigger game than this! Over 1,200 levels packed to the brim with over 200 monsters, 20 special weapons, endless puzzles, and brains and candles you'll need to collect. In each level you'll have to fend off hordes of monsters while you collect the brains and candles. Includes a level editor and over 150 bonuses to unlock and buy in the included SpisMall! An online high score system rounds it out, compete against the world on high scores for individual levels, or just see who can cheat the most times per hour, gain the most weight, or be the most obsessive! Appropriate for the entire family to enjoy.

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