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Hellhog XP

Price: USD $12.95
File Size: 27501 Kb
Tags: shooter, action, arcade, space, orbital combat, drone, robots, shareware, demo, windows, statevector

hellhog xp screenshot

Adrenaline-pumping 3D Orbital Combat Shooter playing in the fururistic N.A.G. universe.You are put in control of an orbital combat drone and your mission is to guard and protect motherships or space stations against hordes of alien intruders and space parasites. Fight your way through 4 levels (33 in the full game) of orbital combat madness and experience a new style of arcade gameplay. Features: - 100% arcade-style action - Various types of enemies (including bosses) - Multiple weapons and powerups - Unique 'real 3D' gameplay - High-end 3D game engine - Unique and flashy graphics - Exciting 2D/3D sound effects and original music - High Score List and Internet High Scores Full version includes: - Free addons and updates - Free email support Upcoming: - Multiplayer Addon - Online Tournaments

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