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Network Server Management Tool

Price: USD $59.95
File Size: 1249 Kb
Tags: monitoring, software, find, network, problems, remote, server, management, tool, detect, address, shared, printer, resource, execute, command, manage, machine, data, task, schedule, send, message, monitor, session, services

network server management tool screenshot

Network server management tool is featured with remote execute option to execute command, run program or open other files on remote computers. LAN services manger program sends text messages to users, computers, workgroups, whole LAN or ranges of IP address in flexible way. Remote session manager contains wake-on-LAN option to send commands to power on machines on LAN or WAN. Network event management tool provides support to schedule or services and saves machine data collected by scan engine to XML file for importing into other programs such as Microsoft Office EXCEL. Network administration tool is capable of scanning network with very high speed for obtaining abundance of information. WAN statistic program logs information like name of NetBIOS or DNS, IP address, MAC address, SNMP, workgroup, user, OS type, server type, comment, shared folders or shared printer.

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