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Monsters From Hell

Price: USD $1
File Size: 3338 Kb
Tags: monsters from hell, shooter, shootemup, arcade

monsters from hell screenshot

earth by Magic. You must control an angel who has been sent by God to destroy the evil monsters (demon's) that have been brought to theearth by Magic. MONSTERS FROM HELL: is an intense action game. There are over 20 different levels of play, including BONUS stages. On theBONUS stages, you must blast through Astral Plane barriers as they pass by. Once in awhile a barrier will release apower-up. The power-up will either be for the angel's Aura (shields) or weapons. Try to gather as many power-ups aspossible. There are also incredible BOSS battles and more.This program features: 20 Different Levels plus BONUS Stages, Numerous Enemies and weapons, Increasing Enemy Skill Levels,Incredible Scary Atmospherics And Music Scores, BOSS Battles, Power-Ups for player weapons and shields, Keyboard or JoystickSupport

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