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Orange Fun

Price: USD $12.95
File Size: 2051 Kb
Tags: orange, tetris, tetris game, arcade game, game, tetris remake

orange fun screenshot

Orange Fun is a massively popular Tetris-like game. Blocks, shapes composed of 4 blocks each, are falling down the screen, and one has to direct them so they will fit to the wall on the bottom. When a line of blocks has no gaps, it is complete and disappears. Orange Fun features nice graphics and music. You will definitely enjoy playing it! The maximum number of lines that can be completed simultaneously is 4, since at least one block is required per line. This can only be achieved with the "I" block: doing this is known as a "Tetris". In order to master the game, the technique of sliding a piece just before it sets is invaluable, as well as using both rotation buttons, when available. Why download? * Simple. The game can be played with only three buttons! * Deep strategy. Complexity comes out of the state of the board: the position of every block on the screen matters. * Spectator sport. Tetris is fun to watch. You can learn how to play by watching for a minute or two. * Constructive. Tetris is about building, not destroying. * Rhythm. Tetris has the quick rhythm of positioning a falling piece, and the slow rhythm of clearing lines -- it engages you on all time scales. * Small Download Size. The game is about ~2 megabytes. Even people with slow dial-up connection can download the game within 10 minutes! * Price. The license costs only $12.95. * Very, very low system requirements. You need a Windows-based PC system with DirectX 7 installed. And let me assure you, it must have been installed on your computer.

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