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Sea Wolves

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 18283 Kb
Tags: wolves, alawar, adventure, arcade, game, advanced, entertainment

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… The most part of dry land disappeared under the water in result of chain man-caused cataclysms. The planet was flooded with disgusting monsters. And the ruthless pirates have seized the power over survived people… You are the captain of a frigate and you’re furrowing the boundless seas. The sea way is full of dangers and as the captain of your own pirate bands, you should load your ships, explore unknown territories, attack your opponents, amass gold, upgrade armour and etc. Game features: fascinating unrivaled gameplay 3 episodes 22 different levels different types of sea weapons and special weapons more than 25 types of enemies compelling ocean environment and the intensity of historical naval warfare wonderful 3D graphics featuring dynamic weather impressively detailed ship models

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