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Tags: arkanoid, arcanoid, twinxoid, acrade, multiplayer, network, game, shareware

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TWINXOID is the newest incredible arcanoid!!! It is the first arcanoid which allows you to control of a same field as your opponent in a local network or your home computer. Main principles are the same as in any arcanoid game. But the differences turn the TWINXOID to the real arcade game. Catch bonuses in your store to apply them then to yourself or against your opponent to overwhelm him (or her) with it. Naturally you could try to win reaching the 100% board control sooner than the rival. Coach with the computer and after just invite your friends to take an exciting tournament of hard and sportive opposition. TWINXOID has 60 unique levels, photobackgrounds, 5 levels of complexity, way to record and overseen of the best games, local network gaming.

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