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ChessToGo for Palm

Price: USD $12
File Size: 953 Kb
Tags: palm, software, applications, handheld, board, mobile game

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Product Features: - Play with a friend or with the computer player, allows you to customize the player name - Play at different computer levels and gambit styles, allows you to activate a timed game - Lookup previous moves with the History function, copy the moves history to the clipboard - Switch playing pieces with the other player or reverse board - Save and load finished or unfinished games, also features an auto-save function - View captured pieces anytime during the game - Unlimited undo and redo feature - Access hints on demand with the Hint function - Customize the display with more than 120 pattern combinations for the chessboard - Customize the chess pieces with different thematic skins - Customize the animation speed for the game - Supports sounds - Supports high resolution, greyscale and colored handheld devices - Supports Palm OS 5 and higher --- System Requirements: To install and run ChessToGo for Palm on your handheld device, you must meet the following minimum requirements: For Windows users - Desktop PC - Windows 98 or Windows ME or Windows 2000 or Windows XP - Pentium class - 16MB free hard disk space - 32MB of available memory - Palm Desktop software for Windows (latest version) - HotSync Manager for Windows (latest version) For Mac users - Apple Macintosh - PowerPC processor - Mac OS X (version 10.1.2 or higher) Or - Mac OS 9.x with 12 MB of available memory - 16 MB Free hard disk space - Palm Desktop software for Mac (latest version) - HotSync Manager for Mac (latest version) Palm device - Palm compatible device - at least Palm OS 3.5.1 - at least 692KB free memory

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