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Forex Brilliance 2011

Price: USD $499
File Size: 4882 Kb
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forex brilliance 2011 screenshot

Forex Brilliance are far beyond my highest expectation. The Robots managed to capture profitable trades after trades in such a short time * $1,811.22 in about a week * $1,868.00 profit in 10 trading days * $840.00 profit in 5 days of trading all in live trading account.If you want to see the backtest result to verify its consistent winning rate,you’ll be amazed too..Hovering 80% winning accuracy over 5 years.In 5 years, it produced a stable and consistent winning rate of nearly 80% You can view all the undeniable proof of this automatic, breakthrough Forex invention here: Just imagine trading Forex and knowing that the system you are trading with a nearly 80% accurate trading robot So… How is it possible to trade Forex so accurately and so profitably,with minimal drawdown? This might be a New Chapter in automated trading. Well, with the help of break through technique in automated trading…. No doubt about it, Forex Automated trading has turned into a new chapter with the intelligent trading robot.

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