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Moraff Phrase Detective

Price: USD $15
File Size: 4942 Kb
Tags: word, puzzle, logic, children, education, moraff, moraffware

moraff phrase detective screenshot

Moraff's Phrase Detective is a clever and addicting word-puzzle game. Each round presents a jumbled-up phrase, quotation, or palindrome that you must reconstruct in the fewest moves possible, while keeping an eye on the clock. You play by swapping blocks around, with the game giving subtle clues found in the varying height of the letter blocks. You'll find plenty of stylish features here. You can select from two sets of beautifully rendered 3D blocks (polished wood and stone), solve random phrases that are wickedly clever in both composition and diversity, and enjoy gentle background music that can be customized in the included MIDI player. With excellent documentation, a special surprise gift, and more than 1,000 phrases in its database, Moraff's Phrase Detective will provide many hours of family fun.

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