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Advanced Video Poker

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 1066 Kb
Tags: advanced, video, poker, advanced video poker, free, jacks, better, freeware, software, shareware, bonus, card, game, joker, casino

advanced video poker screenshot

Advanced Video Poker is the cutting edge gambling machine simulator. A game of Video Poker is accompanied by superb sound effects and relaxing musical scores to make your gambling pleasure supreme! Advanced Video Poker features 3 standard versions of this ever popular video game plus 4 additional modes that are totally new to poker gambling. With these 4 new game play modes Advanced Video Poker introduces a whole new dimension to video games. So at the bottom-line the game offers 7 variations of video poker game plus the three additional 'Double Up Games' to bring you to the beautiful and joyful world of Advanced Video Poker. Awesome graphics contribute to this as well!

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