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3C Poker & Card Parade

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Tags: card, poker, texas hold, omaha, draw poker, poker card game, software card game, bezique, bela, texas, holdem, rummy

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Buy 3C Poker & Card Parade and get Gin Rummy and Chess FOR FREE! Software includes most popular poker variants: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Draw Poker. Texas hold'em: each player is dealt two pocket cards face down with five community cards dealt face up. Basic rule of Omaha is two from the hand, three from the board. In Omaha players receive four cards. Card Parade includes Bezique, Bela, Piquet, 1000, Terts. Bezique is a french game, favorite game of Winston Churchill. This game is interesting by the fact that there two card packs are mixed together. It brings a vast variety of combinations. At the meantime Bezique was very popular in France in all liers of society from banker down to yard cleaner. Bela is somewhat closely like other games: Klaverjas, Clobyosh, Belote for 2 players. It is the game, in which you can win by chance but analytic element also has essential significance. Piquet is an old fascinating french game, one of the loved amusements at Ludovics' courtyard. The plot of the game is based on the performance by Cornel. The characters of the play: kings, queens, heralds (jacks) and bankers(aces) met and created some curious societies, where the action of performance took place. In the game happens something like that. Terts is an invention of russian gangsters. Terts was born in the jails of Sakhalin island in the beginning of 2O century. It is one of the most favourite games of Russian criminal authorities. The gathering of combinations and the draw are highly important in this game and both have equal influence on the score. Thousand is a game from East Europe for amateurs of surprises, probably west analogues don't exist. It looks like the trip of mountain-climber. You can slide down from the most tough and severe part of the rout but later you can rise up again.

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