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Tags: freecell, solitaire, patience, cards, card, game, direct, directx, solitare

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For too long computer card games have looked flat and boring, but no more. Freecell 3D is just like playing cards for real. The latest advances in 3D graphics give you richly detailed, colorful cards on realistic tables. And because it's all in 3D you're in charge of your view. Dig deeper and you will discover that Freecell 3D is far more than just good looks. We've added every Freecell feature we can think of. Never be stuck again as a animated solver will get you out of that tricky spot. Or if you want a challenge, then test your skills against the computer with Freecell 3D's unique split-screen race mode. A comprehensive help system with a tutorial ensures that Freecell 3D is equally suited to the expert and the beginner.

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