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Advanced Lines PPC

Price: USD $0 (Freeware)
File Size: 622 Kb
Tags: pocket, lines, tetris, pocket lines, free tetris, arcade, computer game, education, family, logic game, free, shareware, freeware, puzzle

advanced lines ppc screenshot

Advanced Lines for Pocket PC is an incredibly addictive color matching game with a bunch of sound effects and a graphics galore. It includes three different game types: lines, squares, and blocks. Advanced Lines is played on a 9x9-square board, which is filled with colored objects. The aim of the game is to build various figures out of objects of the same color. You score points by building figures, which eventually disappear. The deal is to make as big a score as you can get and prevent the objects from filling up the playing area. Once you fill it up the game ends. There is dynamic objects type - animated funny characters. Dynamic objects are good for kids, beginners or just laid-back players There is a great selection of options to tweak the game to your liking: outstanding graphic and music, which will make the game so much fun. Our user-friendly interface will make it difficult to put the game down. Advanced Lines PPC can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It is easy to learn and has several difficulty levels. Moreover, it develops your logical thinking and spatial skills. Why not give it a shot?

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