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Compare Excel Files

Price: USD $34.95
File Size: 1136 Kb
Tags: spreadsheets, compare, analyze, excel files, directory, workbooks, report, comparison algorithms, identifiers, highlight cells, macros, command line, match, unique identification

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Excel compare tool saves trouble of manual search for differences and offers computer aided comparing of excel files. It highlights cells that have been changed and allows division of report into three parts including deleted, added and changed data. The tool is used for comparison of worksheets that contain a database structure rows with unique identifiers. A unique identifier of row can consist of a single column or be compound from several columns to achieve best results. Environment option includes interface language attribute to allow user to choose program interface language from list of available languages. Project option is used to compare same files frequently or periodically. Projects allow for setting pair comparison parameters, saving and storing parameters and quick loading them. Report subtitles including subtitle text, font, color, sizing can be customized.

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