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3D Magic Mahjongg

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Play Mahjongg Solitaire in amazing 3D environments, like chinese temple environment with torchlight illuminating the playing tiles! Mahjongg is an ancient Chinese game of solitaire consisting of 144 tiles. The goal is to clear the board by removing all of the 144 tiles from the board in matching pairs. 3D Magic Mahjongg presents the classic Mahjongg Solitaire tile matching game with dynamic lighting and a tranquil multi-layered soundtrack. Features: - The unique game analysis feature has two advisory levels that determine if the player has made a move that could jeopardize the successful conclusion of the game. Players may undo moves and choose an alternate path. - Game statistics for each board layout give the player information about the number games played/won, number of undos used, average time etc. - Highscore tables to list the best times - Camera panel lets you adjust the view to see the board from any angle. - Easy and intuitive interface. - Several tile sets and layouts Supremely easy to learn but hard to stop playing! For anyone who has ever played a variation of Mahjongg and liked it, you\'ll love 3D Magic Mahjongg! Non-violent and fun for all ages.

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