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Dangerous Activity

Price: USD $14.95
File Size: 6860 Kb
Tags: minesweeper, puzzle, logic, game, sapper

dangerous activity screenshot

Dangerous Activity is a game that combines arcade and logic styles. As soon as you start the game, you enter the World War II era, which complements the search and mine neutralization themes of the game. The menu is in the style of old military photos, and the background music is like the brisk march of soldiers during wartime. The large selection of options allows you to create 576 variations of the game, making this one of the most unique games based on the classical minesweeper game. When you start the game, you immediately appear at the operation center where the success of the approaching troops depends on you. Background music and acoustical effects enhance the feeling of the importance of your mission. For classical minesweeper fans, the game provides a preset group of standard game settings. You can also select a neutral background to limit distractions. This game will be interesting to both adult admirers of logic games and young gamers who enjoy more visual effects in their logic games. To test the game, you can download and play a trial version that provides the full game functionality for 30 uses.

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