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Griddlers Deluxe

Price: USD $15.95
File Size: 1655 Kb
Tags: griddlers, puzzles, paint numbers, paint pairs, japanese crosswords, illust logic, nonograms

griddlers deluxe screenshot

Griddlers (also known as Paint by Numbers, Paint by Pairs, Illust-Logic, Nonograms, Pic-a-Pix Puzzles) are language-independent logic puzzles. The idea is to solve encrypted picture by number clues. Griddlers Deluxe is a possibility to turn aside completely from the everyday routine and truly enjoy these wonderful puzzles. Also it is a possibility to show your creativity by composing your own colored or black-and-white puzzles in built-in puzzle editor. In addition, the program can itself solve the puzzle practically of any difficulty. The total amount of original griddlers for the program is more than 1000. You can download full collection from program's home page.

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