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Logical Stones 2004

Price: USD $26
File Size: 15429 Kb
Tags: logical, stones, opengl, logic, game

logical stones 2004 screenshot

An OpenGL puzzling logic game for people who like revelations The aim of the game is to push all the stones to the level's exit points as fast as You can. The level is won if You take all the stones to the exit points. - There are five differently colored stones: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Crystal. - All stones can be pushed - You can push one more stone With the RED stone - The GREEN stone can be lifted (Carry key) - The YELLOW stone Control ------- - CRSR keys: Ship navigation - CTRL: To carry the Green Stone and pull the Yellow Stone - SHIFT: Speed key, quickens everything including time. - SPACE: Precision key, give You the ability to move the Stone the possible smallest distance. (All the levels can be won without using this key!)

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