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Mallet Mania

Price: USD $12.95
File Size: 509 Kb
Tags: logic, puzzle, skill, mania, minesweeper, simplism, free, simple, nonosweeper

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Mallet Mania is a game of logic and skill. It has elements in common with the popular Windows game Minesweeper, but the game itself is a brand-new concept. The aim of the game is to flatten every square on the grid as fast as possible - the numbers tell you how many times each square needs to be hit before it's flattened. The problem is that the mallet you use to hit them with isn't a very precise instrument, and it will hit several squares at the same time. What's more, hitting areas that are already flat would cause a dent and is not allowed, so completing the grid isn't as easy as it looks... This game needs a quick eye and a fair amount of thought to win, but when you've got the knack, you can upload your best times to see how you rank against other players around the world! Version 2 includes various different-shaped mallets, many of which can be rotated.

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