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Mood Meeps Christmas Edition

Price: USD $9.95
File Size: 659 Kb
Tags: christmas, puzzles, puzzle, windows, strategy, meeps, mood meeps, mood, mood game

mood meeps christmas edition screenshot

Get into the Christmas spirit with the best, fun Christmas game of the season! They're cute, they're moody, and they're in their Christmas hats amidst the snowmen and the pine trees, waiting for you to come and play! Meeps are cute little creatures that unfortunately are rather prone to chronic mood swings. Can you clear them from the playing field? Ignore them and they'll get lonely... or jealous... maybe even angry... just don't let them turn EVIL! All you have to do is get the Meeps together, and clear the playing field. Sounds easy? Think again - and you WILL have to think! The full version of Mood Meeps Christmas Edition comes with 30 levels ranging in difficulty from easy to seemingly impossible. Even when you finish each one, there's always the challenge of trying to do it in less moves. With its cute characters, a stunning array of graphics, and special features like portals and mood rings, Mood Meeps Christmas Edition will keep you entertained for hours this Christmas season. (PS: Don't forget to check out the original version of Mood Meeps, also available from

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