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Tags: puzzle, logic, colour matching, sokoban, pushem, pushing, pushover, stone

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Push'Em is a fresh and unique twist on the tired sokoban and lines genres. The goal is to remove all the coloured blocks from each puzzle, you do this by combining like coloured blocks in groups of three or more. Sounds simple but its far from that, you will need your thinking cap for this game. Guide Maxster and tell him which blocks to push, which to teleport and where to go. Maxsters trip around the world is made difficult because blocks keep getting in his way. Through logical thinking and planning you can help Maxster clear up this mess. Maxster needs to know which blocks to push and which blocks to teleport, he never went to school and is not the brightest hamster in the forest. The non-violent, colorful game play and the logical thinking that is required makes this game perfect for children, and the Seemingly unsolvable puzzles will keep even the most hardened gamer interested.

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