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Shaggy Pals

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 3729 Kb
Tags: sokoban, logic game, puzzle game, family game, puzzle, free game

shaggy pals screenshot

Shaggy Pals is a challenging logic game based on a classic sokoban concept. You control one of the furry friends and your task it to set your pals free by blowing up the bars that block them. The game is easy to learn; just pick up the messages found on your way to read game tips and have the properties of new items explained. The board is full of dangerous objects like swamps, holes, conveyors or laser generators, but if used in a correct way, they may turn out useful. But be careful, you might be hurt by laser beams or fall into swamp. And don't forget to collect all gems and coins! As you advance levels the game gets harder and harder and you have to make up new tricks to move on. But don't worry, if you get stuck on a level, you can watch the full solution. Solving each of the levels will give you a deep sense of accomplishment and will make you want to play it even more! Game features dynamic music with hilarious sound effects. It can be played in a window or fullscreen.

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