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Tags: tetris, tetrix, tetrixmania, game, freeware, clon, columns, color, blocks, pentix, real, shareware, magic

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TetrixMania is a highly advanced Tetris clone featuring 10 variations of classical Tetris and Pentix games. Among those you will find Simplified Tetris for Kids, Classical Tetris, Advanced Tetris, and Magic Tetris. Pentix-style games include Standard Pentix, Advanced Pentix, Magic Pentix as well as three 'Real Pentix' variations. Game interface features cool graphics (chiseled game screen, various block looks), awesome background sounds (high quality sound effects and delightful MIDI musical scores organized in playlists) and an ever lasting gaming action (with ability to choose starting level, rotation directions, field color and random filling). TetrixMania supports various input devices including gamepads and joysticks. The game has multilingual interface which altogether with other great features makes this game a must have for Tetris fans all over the world!

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