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Virtual Woman Millennium Beta Test

Price: USD $29.95
File Size: 30946 Kb
Tags: virtual woman, game, millennium, beta, chat, chatterbot, digital, virtual girl, virtualwoman, avatar

virtual woman millennium beta test screenshot

Your girlfriend just got some competition. In this Windows Virtual Reality Game build and compete against Virtual Women with full artificial intelligence, choose ethnic type, personality, location, clothing etc. Throw away solitaire forever! Features 3-D graphics, Sound and Digital DNA support. Must try to believe. As this is a beta test, some features are restricted or currently unavailable. They will be added shortly. Please use the Internet Auto-upgrade feature in this program to download the latest release. Special Features: Artificial Intelligence Engine, Synthesized voice for opponents, support for Digital DNA files, Intelligence updates via the web, powerful customization options. Testing the parameters for a unique virtual human file format (Digital DNA) that will allow these files to be customized and traded over the web via file trading services. Copyright CyberPunk Software

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