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Tags: worm game, snake game, wonder worm

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Wonder Worm is based on the classic Windows Worm Game. Eat the fruit to grow your body but avoid solid obstacles like walls and trees or running into yourself. The exit is unblocked when all the fruit is eaten. Wonder Worm has 7 worlds to explore, each of which contains several levels. The first world consists of 5 trainer levels which can be used as practice levels or skipped to play the game for real. Completing the last trainer level resets scores and lives. Level Selector: The game includes a level selector which allows you to play different levels. Scores from the initial 5 trainer levels are not carried forward to the main game and whist it is possible to skip levels, doing so will lessen the overall score which could be achieved. Bonus Levels: There are also bonus levels on offer which are not available from the level selection menu. These bonus levels enable you to increase your score and gain an extra life without fear of losing a life, even if failed. Game Objective: Your worm must move forwards and cannot stop. As you change direction, so your body follows and each time you gobble a piece of fruit so your body grows. Once all the fruit has been eaten the exit becomes unblocked. Colliding with solid items or running into yourself causes you to lose a life. Later levels introduce scorpions and rats. Scorpions are less intelligent than rats but both are partial to a meal of worm. Your worm can survive their attacks with just a few body segments but not without a head. When your body gets eaten so more fruit needs to be eaten before the exit becomes unblocked.

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