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World of CryptoPics

Price: USD $17.95
File Size: 636 Kb
Tags: cryptopics, nonograms, griddlers, crosspix, , japanese crossword, puzzle, logic, window, paint numbers, logipix, japan, japanese, nonogram, griddler, cryptopic

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CryptoPics (also known as Nonograms or Griddlers) are logic puzzles originating in Japan, in which the aim is to reveal a hidden picture by looking at the number clues. With this fully-featured software you can play pre-made picture puzzles, randomly generated puzzles and puzzles created from image files. It includes a built-in Puzzle Editor, allowing you to draw your own CryptoPics, a unique Challenge Mode, where you can play puzzles of increasing difficulty against the clock, and a Nonosweeper feature based on Minesweeper. Additional puzzles to play with this software are available on-line.

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