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Acamar Campaign

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 21609 Kb
Tags: asteroids, first person shooter, space simulation, acamar campaign, action, beteo

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The goal of the Acamar Campaign is to clear all 50 waves of asteroids that threaten the space station. To do this, shoot asteroids, get money, purchase better weapons and shoot more asteroids. Bigger and tougher asteroids are worth more money, because they are harder to blow up. There are alien ships that come by occasionally, they are worth $150,000. The Alien ships come from different locations each time, also, they come more often as the game progresses. Also, Be careful when you are shooting near the space station, all those people in there don't want to get hit by friendly fire. Acamar Campaign includes 4 new high energy songs to inspire you to shoot more asteroids. You also have the ability to play your own songs in the game, just copy the music (mp3, wav, wma) to the folder in the game directory under sound, bkmusic. Everything in that folder is then randomly selected and played throughout the game. When you start the game, you already will have 2 weapons, the plasma weapon(1), and lasers(2). To buy the other spectacular weapons, you will need to earn money and purchase them. As you collect these weapons, your task of smashing the asteroids, will be easier and tons more fun. This is the cost: Energy Cannon........$600,000 Multi Energy Cannon........$2,400,000 Enhanced Plasma........$4,800,000 Disperser Cannon........$8,000,000 Gamma Burst Gun........$16,000,000 As you move up in the levels, it becomes more challenging to blow up asteroids. The asteroids will begin to move faster and faster, coming in unpredictable patterns. Also, they can quickly change directions, so you need to keep on your toes and watch out!

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