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Anime Tennis Babes

Price: USD $19.99
File Size: 9359 Kb
Tags: game, tennis, babes, anime, sexy, beautiful, graphics, arcade, sport, sports

anime tennis babes screenshot

Anime Tennis Babes brings the fun back to PC tennis games. Featuring stunning 3d graphics and an innovative control system that's easy to learn and tricky to master, it sets new standards in presentation and playability. The key elements of ATB are fun, and highly addictive gameplay. No unwieldy eight-button control system to get used to, ATB features an innovative new control system which is completely natural and intuitive. Our 3d engine allows dynamic soft shadows, particle effects, full skeletal animation, and is blazing fast in high resolutions even on very low spec PC's. And of course, there are those gorgeous Anime babes, and the hypnotic dancing. Gameplay Feature: Six Beautiful Players, Four Different Stadiums, Nine Different Game Modes, Four Cup Competitions, Three skill levels, Three speed settings, Intuitive Control System. Graphical Features: Completely Configurable Graphics Settings, Supports all major resolutions up to 1024x768, Five different shadow modes, including Soft Shadows, Full skeletal animation, Full Screen Antialiasing ( where supported ), Particle Effects and Alpha-Blending, High Detail 3d crowds

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