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FTP Server Software

Price: USD $99.95
File Size: 3768 Kb
Tags: server, services, network diagnostics, sessions, port, addresses, firew, bandwidth, security integration, network card

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FTP Server software easily transfers large files using background threads. Support PASV mode connection with options setting port ranges IP addresses use with firewall NAT NT/2000/XP security integration including logon authentication matched against existing accounts. Software efficiently resume broken downloads and provides ability to view active users shadow FTP Sessions screen client logons by IP addresses. FTP server run as a service under windows operating system platform. It includes extensive network diagnostics: network card, routing table, current connections, bandwidth per adapter. Software offers configurable session characteristics including maximum users, maximum logon attempts, welcome banner, exit banner, maximum user banner. Perform addition/deletion of multiple users as well as configure user profiles (user ID, password, default directory, allow concurrent logons, limit to default directory, log access, restrict read/write access). FTP server effectively binds ftp services to specific IP addresses for machines with more than one network card adapter.

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