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Pirate Isles

Price: USD $14.95
File Size: 7064 Kb
Tags: pirate, treasure, game, tactics, gold, strategy, family, tabletop, exotic, pirates, isles, logic

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Looking for the good game to play with your kids or friends? Tired of bloody violence? Loving good humor and colorful graphics? Try Pirate Isles! The game Pirate Isles is a game of strategy and luck. Your task is to command the team of pirates to collect as much sacks of gold as you can, and gather more gold on your ship then other pirate teams. From 2 to 4 pirate teams either human or computer controlled can land the treasure island. Each team has one ship (the galleon) and up to four pirates under its command. At the game start all pirates are on their ship and the fog hides the cells of the map - there can be anything hidden in the fog. There are various obstacles on the map - swamps, tornadoes, cute animals. The game is about pirates, but all interactions between characters are made in humorous manner and are peaceful, and the game is suitable both for kids and for pacifists. Pirate Isles is a really nice game for a family evening.

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