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Software Install Builder

Price: USD $69
File Size: 9492 Kb
Tags: software, inst, builder, develop, compact, setup, file, creator, utility, license agreement, registry, windows, instation, generator, tool, save, program, information, application, make, self, extracting, executable, package

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Download software install builder add all program information such as software name, title, version, icon, license agreement, registry value, shortcut path etc. Executable setup creator tool is capable to generate both 32 bit and 64 bit system based installation wizard without taking much more time. Compact setup generator utility keeps exe, txt and all relevant data files into single self extracting file format to generate complete windows software installation package. Advanced setup installer creator contains comprehensive infrastructure for multilingual installation support that you can easily create true multilingual setup with several license and readme files in all languages. Software install builder provides facility to bind all raw information of product including help files, registry information, stationery modules etc. Setup creator tool runs with all windows operating system including windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate). Setup installation maker facilitates all users (Programmer, Developer, Software Analyst etc) to develop their application in any language. Self extractor builder is reliable, cost effective and provides interactive GUI interface to develop better exe setup installer. Features: * Software install builder save all program information into ddl file format for future references. * Customized setup generator tool facilitates user to distribute program on internet or via removable media in a form of single exe. * Self extractor maker utility provides both install and uninstall wizard in exe setup for easy and faster use. * Setup creator utility contains simple functionality and does not change in the originality of the program during exe setup generation. * Executable setup maker contains highly optimized code size thus contributing faster setup download over internet. * Professional software install builder is useful for all users and there is no requirement to know any programming or scripting language.

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