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X-Treme Media Finder

Price: USD $29.99
File Size: 890 Kb
Tags: movie search, audio search, search, media, movie

x-treme media finder screenshot

X-Treme Media Finder is a unique software tool that allows users to extract audio video and application files from any web site. An easy to use interface allows one to search for video, audio, mp3, applications or any other binary file. Take advantage of the millions of websites that provide free resources such as video, audio, applications, mp3, mpeg etc and select the files you need instantly!  The remarkably self explanatory interface of X-Treme Media Finder allows one to search any website for binary content (audio, video applications etc.). The software traverses automatically throughout all the links and sub links contained in any given web site and presents all the related video or audio files. You simply enter a URL into the address bar, click the Fetch button, and X-Treme Media Finder will begin extracting relevant links to media files based on the search criteria. This is the easiest and most efficient method available for locating high quality content with the touch of a few buttons. X-Treem media finder is ideal for searching movies and mp3 and saves users an incredible amount of time.

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