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Coin Planets

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 9363 Kb
Tags: coin planets, game, platform game, arcade game, action game, jump game, addictive, playable, computer, free, demo, shareware, platform, colin coin, free demo

coin planets screenshot

Coin Planets is an addictive platform game that combines arcade action, excellent 3D rendered graphics, animation and exciting gameplay. Colin the Coin is back in his latest adventure. Colin's arch-enemy Flash the Cash is up to his old tricks again and has stolen a large amount of priceless coins and scattered them throughout the solar system! Run, jump, bounce, teleport and surf your way through the 45 exciting levels featuring 9 different planets. Aswell as the massive amount of main levels to complete you must also escape or defeat the 9 End-of-Level Bosses that stand in your way.

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