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Diamond Drop

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 6367 Kb
Tags: diamond, diamonds, drop, alawar, classic, game, remake, advanced, entertainment, arcade

diamond drop screenshot

It's Jerry against the falling rocks! Sweet and amiable Jerry the Mole, who rarely sees daylight, is in grave danger. The falling rocks almost killed him once, and now he is afraid. Your goal is to destroy these stones before they fall on Jerry's head. And surely you will get some helpful items that will be of assistance, like a bottle of glue. Diamond Drop comes with three game modes that will please any gamer. The kids should select the "Easy" mode, while the experienced gamers will be challenged with the "Hard" one. The game's original soundtrack and sound effects multiply the pleasure from playing the game tenfold. Diamond Drop - the family game the way it should be. Instructions: every family member should try it (let Grandma play first)! Game features - Artistic quality 3D worlds and shapes. - Animation and graphics Lucas would envy - 9 cool bonuses - Visual effects that will make you think you are in a movie theater - Interactive environments - No violence! The game is 100% kid-friendly.

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