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Tags: exzeus, arcade, shooting, space harrier

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EXZEUS is a heavy action 3d shooter in the style of the classic hit Space Harrier from Sega. The Player has a choice of playing three different robots, Sofia a male robot with average speed and shield protection, Calista a female robot with a high speed but a low shield protection and Dynamis a heavy male robot with low speed but high shield protection. Those three robots are leaders of a Special Squadron team having been called into an invaders alien destruction scene. The Player pursues the traditional goals of defeating enemy ships and saving the world. During the course of the action there will be many explosions, lasers, mega-bomb and special effects. - Fast and furious 3D shoot-them-up style, with very powerful weapons and up to 12 different enemies and 5 different bosses. - Fresh and different style, bringing a new attraction to the Player. - Incredible Game play Action at 60 Frame per second for smooth and precise controls. - Outstanding soundtrack and sound effects. - Hit-bonus system and power-up scheme. - Shop for upgrading the robot's features and build the player's strategy. - Up to 6 different levels with special traps and weather condition. - Unlimited replay value EXZEUS has been designed and developed for the Arcade and Coin-Op Market by an experienced Team, insuring a NON-STOP action experience to The Player. For the release of EXZEUS, HYPER-DEVBOX entertainment will organize, from MAY 1st,2003 to JULY 1st,2003, a HighScore Contest rewarded by a US$1000.00 prize. Details about the HighScore Contest will be available from MAY 1st,2003 at

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