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Feed The Snake

Price: USD $12.95
File Size: 3886 Kb
Tags: funarcadekidsgame

feed the snake screenshot

Feed the Snake is a new modern remake of the popular classic snake game. You are a little snake. The goal of the game is grow, grow and grow. You start as a small worm, but you may end as a mighty python. To grow you need a food. This won't the problems for you: you can find a lot of tasty meal. But be caution! You can't live without moving. The edges and stones stop and kill you immediately. You move around different game fields, trying to gobble up good food, growing longer along the way. There are a couple of gameplay changes that help this version surpass the original python. Most importantly, there is a vast variety of power-ups and inedible food. The amazing graphics will keep you enthralled. Two players mode is available - so play the snake game and have fun with a friend together.

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