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Future Pool

Price: USD $16
File Size: 3760 Kb
Tags: pool, video pool, snooker, billiards, future pool, space pool

future pool screenshot

Future Pool is a new dynamic video pool game. Played on a futuristic circular table without pockets, the aim of the game is to pot the balls of your colour by pushing them to the edge of the table. The simple game rules are like classic 8-ball pool, with each player needing to clear their appropriate red or yellow balls, followed by the black 8-ball. Unlike ordinary pool however there is no cue, the cueball is fired from the edge of the table. A variety of table arrangements, and 16 computer opponents each with different skills and personalities await you. Players can compete against each other in single matches, or up to six can compete in a league based tournament. A solo ascent game also features, where a single player battles increasingly difficult opponents from the lowly Box Car Bob to the champion, Jace "The Ace" Stockwell.

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