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Moraff UltraBlast

Price: USD $15
File Size: 5896 Kb
Tags: paddle, breakout, arcade, moraff, moraffware, arkanoid, bricks

moraff ultrablast screenshot

Moraff's UltraBlast is an addictive paddle-ball game. Loosely patterned after Breakout and other Pong clones, it brings excellent improvements to the field. It features slick graphics, customizable music, decent-quality audio, and support for two players. The objective is to eliminate all blocks from each level while keeping time and statistics in mind. Game-play is right in the pocket, with free-roaming paddles that allow superb control of shot English and counter spin. With spinning swirls and blinking eyeball textures, and killer block effects such as replication, explosions, and traps, you might never want to return from UltraBlast land. Several levels are included. When you exit UltraBlast, a "bonus" tile game is presented. Play either with your mouse or the keyboard. Either way you will sit for hours trying to conquer this one.

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