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Pacmania Gold

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 5756 Kb
Tags: pacmania, gold, pacman, , game, arcade, alawar, entertainment

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Alawar presents a fresh new remake of the famous classic arcade PacMan, loved by children and adults alike. This time our character is in the Wild West, where he has to recover stolen treasures. These treasures are protected by the evil ghosts of fierce bandits and blood-thirsty Indians. Guide the main game character to avoid the evil ghosts while eating all the coins in each level. To fight these ghosts, pick up sheriff’s stars, which will make the ghosts vulnerable for a period of time. Besides this, you will encounter various bonuses that will give you additional points or abilities. You can save your current game standings once every five levels, so next time you can start from the place where you left. After passing a certain number of game levels, you’ll have to play “Russian roulette? with the ghost boss. You’ll have to pick up more coins than him to proceed to next level. Otherwise, you will lose one life.

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