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Silly Balls

Price: USD $12
File Size: 949 Kb
Tags: game, free, freware, shareware, silly, reaction, action, skill, speed, life, bonus

silly balls screenshot

This game will give you the opportunity to practice the skill of kicking a ball. Silly Balls is played on a field with four sliders arranged on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the screen. Balls are rolled towards the center, and the player tries to kick the ball by the bat. If a ball misses the bat, the bat is falls down. You should not miss a ball, or you lose the bat. Each 100 balls you get an additional bat. In the kid-mode balls are moves only from two sliders. Each kicked ball brings you 10 points. The game is over when you have no bats more. At the end of the game you can place your score in the score table in the game homepage. The person that did it becomes instantly popular. Choose game difficulty and off we go!

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