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Super SmashBall

Price: USD $14.95
File Size: 3200 Kb
Tags: breakout, arkanoid, brick, bomb, cloak, missle, laser, level editor

super smashball screenshot

A new challenging Brick Busting game similar to the arcade classics Arkanoid and Breakout. Use your bat to launch a bouncing ball into a wall of bricks and destroy them. There are many styles of bricks to devastate, including shields, bombs, and cloaks. Not to worry, along the way you can collect awesome weapons and powerups to achieve victory. The DEMO comes with 7 levels and limited functionalities. To get the full package, purchase the full version that comes packaged with 107 levels. What's more, you'll get a built in level editor so you can create your own and import them. For more information, visit

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