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T.W.A.T - The War Against Terror Fruit M

Price: USD $0 (Freeware)
File Size: 1171 Kb
Tags: twat, bush, blair, shock, therapy, productions

t.w.a.t - the war against terror fruit m screenshot

T.W.A.T - Or The War Aginst Terror Fruit Machine Game - is typical degenerate bush bashing. This simple fruit machine allows YOU to take part in the doomed American attempt to capture Bin Laden, and even earn (epemeral and not real) money while doing it. With Angry Mobs, Bush, Blair, Weaponary and Bin Laden taking the place of the traditional fruit this game is perfect fun for all the family, just watch bush spin past in a sickening blur.

T.W.A.T - The War Against Terror Fruit M Download

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