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3DRT Dominos

Price: USD $6.95
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Tags: dominoes, composition, game, real, time

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3D Dominoes presents this game in its purest tradition. It can be played solo against the computer and with two players. Originally, Dominoes were made from blocks of ivory inlaid of ebony cylinders and sawed in tablets, a variant of the cubic Indian dices, each domino figuring two consecutive throwing of dices from the 21 possible results. The Chinese developed and embellished the game, with two classes: civil and military prefiguring the Mah Jong. At the 12th century, the game was introduced in Europe along the Silk Road. It is a very popular game in many North African countries, in Ukraine, Cuba and even by the American and Danish Inuits. Domino is the Latin name for the black and white reversible cleric dress.

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