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Grand Master Chess

Price: USD $14.95
File Size: 3961 Kb
Tags: grand, master, chess, logic, game, classic, remake, alawar, entertainment, shareware

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Grand Master Chess cannot possibly leave any professional or amateur chess player indifferent to all the new possibilities. The game features multi-playing; a new sound effects algorithm lets you choose your own mp3 directory. Computer intellect adjustment is capable of selecting preset installations. The scaling algorithm is so remarkable that you can actually see all the small details of the chess figures. Some sets feature real figures, such as antique Iranian chess, provided be Geogiy Ivanov. While the design varies from traditional to futuristic, flexible settings allow the levels to vary for people with different skills. There is a three-level hint (showing whether the move is available, showing all possible moves and giving advice.) Grand Master Chess supports network gaming, so you can communicate with your opponent, as well as enjoy a network chat. Network gaming lets you choose your own partners, according to your preferences or manually.

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