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Zillions of Games 2

Price: USD $24.98
File Size: 17732 Kb
Tags: game, puzzle, board game, chess, checkers, reversi, solitaire, maze, shogi, chinese checkers, gomoku, xiangqi, tictactoe, chess variant, tour, nonviolent, education, educational, children, child, universal, hanoi, attaxx, morris

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Get ready to play Reversi, Checkers, Chinese Chess, Blobs, Vertical Tic-Tac-Toe, Mini-Go, Mini-Shogi, 'Losing' Chess, Dodgem, Jungle, Fox and Geese, Senat, Tafl, Morris, and many other exciting games and puzzles! Zillions is always ready for a game. In a single coherent user interface, Zillions of Games supports a full range of features including navigation and take-back, hints and solutions, history and strategy, animation and sound, legal move display, skill and time control settings, move list display and printing, search status, pop-up help, 'Smart Moves', and much more. Zillions of Games also supports a wide variety of amazing tactile sensations when using the Force Feedback mice. Zillions of Games uses a revolutionary 'universal gaming engine' technology that allows it to play nearly any abstract board game or puzzle in the world. This makes it infinitely expandable. With the full version you can script your own newly-invented game rules, share your games with friends, and download thousands of additional games from the web. The demo includes 48 free games and puzzles from the over 350 in the full version. Features: Press: Free Add-on Games (full version only): Orders:

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