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Card Master

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 4402 Kb
Tags: computer game, card game, canasta, bezique, fantan, spades, euchre, skat, jass, tablanette, arlington, spite malice, whist, zetema

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Card Master is a fun collection of many different card games including Arlington, Bezique, Canasta, Comet, Durok, Euchre, Exacta, Fantan, Funny Game, German Whist, Klabberjass, Knaves, Oh Hell, Skat, Scotch Whist, Spades, Spite and Malice, Tablanette, War, Whist, and Zetema. You may play against the computer or against other players over the Internet. When you register Card Master, you get two months of online game-play for free.

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