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Pachinko a Go Go!

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Tags: pachinko game, pachinko sexy, slot machines, pachinko rules, pachinko sexy reaction japan, pachinko girls, pachinko, exciting slot game, japanese slot, shareware

pachinko a go go! screenshot

Play Pachinko a Go Go! The exciting Japanese slot game simulation. Turn the knob to adjust the power of balls fired onto the table. Try to get the balls into the tulip to start slot games on the centre screen. Get more balls into the tulips to increase your chances. Hitting a lucky bucket will give you a reach game. Getting three odd numbers in a row starts a "fever". Bucket loads of balls spew from the machine and can be changed for cash. In this video game simulation you get the kind of visual effects and eye candy only a video game can provide. Virtual pachinko parlor girl, Atari-chan, cheers you on. When you hit the slots she gets excited and dances. If she gets really excited, she might even fall out of her dress! Even more excting than the real game, and way more fun than a fruit machine! Find out why Pachinko is Japan's favorite past-time. Download Pachinko a Go Go! right now!

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