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Solitaire Piknic

Price: USD $19.95
File Size: 782 Kb
Tags: solitaire, solitare, piknic, poker, card, cards, game, chenge, strategy, skill, patience, squares, software, shareware, free

solitaire piknic screenshot

This unique (and very addicting) version of solitaire is guaranteed to fascinate and challenge you time and time again. It carefully strikes a balance between chance and strategy, rewarding both novice and skilled players alike. The game is visually exciting and very easy to learn. You can set up different players and, to make things more interesting, the game will track account balances, average scores, and high scores for you. You will be playing in just a couple of minutes and the friendly online help system will help you gain insightful tips to maximize your play. As your skills advance, you will be continually challenged as you try to clear as many cards as possible and get as high a "timer bonus" as you can to achieve more points. Never give up!!! The game isn't over until no valid moves remain -- and the computer will conveniently let you know if that has happened. If you really get stuck, there are clever hints available.

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